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APA Professional Media Identification Card

APA recently redesigned our APA Member Professional Media Identification Card to make it even more effective in expediting quick check-in service at airports, as well as to facilitate the Pro Media discount on excess baggage, available through many airlines. (We are also working on increasing the number of airlines that honor the discount.) Depending upon how much you travel, and which airlines you use, your APA ID can save you more than the cost for your annual dues; it’s a major benefit for our busiest members.  Not all airlines accept the card as an approved media credential.  It often depends on the agent behind the counter.

Our recommendation is before traveling research the particular airline and see if they accept media cards for extra baggage discounts.  Print out that info and bring it with you when checking in.  The person behind the counter may not know the details of media card discounts so with the terms in hand, it might make it easier for the employee to honor.  It would also be helpful to laminate a photo ID to the card, there is a place for it (see below).  With air travel dependant on Photo IDs, it would only help.

While it is not a press credential, your APA ID is a Professional Media Identification Card, and on the back it reads: Please extend to this APA Member any Professional Media discounts on excess baggage, as well as all Pro Media rights and privileges, including FAA / TSA hand inspection of cameras and photo equipment.   Benefits pursuant to membership in APA also apply.

By presenting it at APA events, you are automatically entitled to the significantly discounted member admission rate (often 50%).

The new APA Pro Media ID Card now has an obvious open area in the design so members can easily add their own one inch square headshot, to turn the card into a photo ID. After affixing a self-portrait, simply insert the ID card into a laminating pouch designed for business cards (available online or at most office supply stores) or have your ID card hot-laminated (at many office supply stores too).

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