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Licensing, and the Value of Copyright

Mark Getty gets it. Bill Gates bet the bank on it. And our clients --- the big corporations, the advertising agencies and the publishers – they all benefit significantly from their understanding of this very simple, yet all important concept: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IS THE CURRENCY OF THE 21ST CENTURY (And by extension: Those who own and/or control intellectual property, control the marketplace) There has recently been considerable discussion among photographers and their trade organizations on the subject of copyright transfers. Some in our industry have asserted the benefits of owning and retaining copyrights, while others have recommended that photographers transfer their copyrights to their clients. The Advertising Photographers of America (APA) position on copyright ownership is and always has been:

The copyright to your photographs is yours under the law.

You own it.
Register it.
Keep it.
License it.
Re-license it.

To sell or not to sell? Click here to find out.

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Author: Jeff Sedlik, past President, APA

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