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In Pursuit of Excellence
Whether the subject is vision, business practices, or new technologies, APA's goal is to mentor, motivate, educate, and inspire. On a local level, APA Chapters produce seminars, workshops, and other similar programs. On a national level, APA provides the following:

APA Business Manual - An authoritative, online guide to successful, professional photography.
Licensing, and The Value of Copyright - A primer on successful intellectual property and business practices, by Jeff Sedlik, past president of APA.

APAforums - Our Forums represent a prime proactive example of all four of our core organizational values: Activism, Education, Inspiration and Community. These free online Forums, which started before the turn of the century, have steadily developed into an essential, valuable resource for professional photographers. Collectively, they are a community, which provide up to date education, important information on activism issues, as well as inspiring imagery and videos. APA Forums are acclaimed internationally by their participants. Non-APA professionals, assistants, and students are welcome and invited to register and participate in a wide range of discussions.

Special Programs 
The Success Team program is a unique member benefit that is exclusive to APA. By joining a Success Team, members get a hands-on opportunity to reach specific goals by working in small groups. Teams are formed in groups of six as members sign up for the program.

Each team meets on a regular basis, with the purpose of helping each other overcome obstacles to reaching goals. While personal goals will vary, the topics of interest can include:

  • Motivating creativity
  • Invoicing/negotiating
  • Portfolio/vision development
  • Transitioning to digital
  • Business problems/ solutions
  • Career goals
  • Other topics of interest

More details can be seen on the  APA Success Teams page.

Traveling Seminars
Each regional chapter produces monthly events to engage, educate and inspire the photographic community. Check your local chapter site for APA events in your area.




The Copyright Alliance Education Foundation is the 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable arm of the Copyright Alliance dedicated to developing educational programs aimed at helping America's next generation of creators succeed.

The Foundation develops and implements educational projects designed to meet two goals:

  1. Help maintain a copyright-aware environment in the nation's classrooms to ensure creator's long-term ability to thrive; and
  2. Provide educational resources to future creators.

To find out more about the Copyright Alliance Education Foundation visit http://www.copyrightfoundation.org/curriculum.










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