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With an APA membership, you become part of a vital, dedicated group of professional photographers who are dedicated to your success and the good health of the industry as a whole.  From our advocacy efforts to ensure photographers receive value for thier work, to business manuals and forms, educational articles and events, discounts with the companies you do business with, success teams and individual support, APA provides you with the tools you need to succeed.

When you click the small join banner below, you will be taken to an online form where you will select the appropriate level of membership and you will be able to select your payment plan (click here to see levels of membership or to print out the form and submit it by mail). 

Shortly after you complete the Join Process you will receive an APA Welcome / Confirmation email at the email address you entered on the join form. If you do not receive the APA Welcome / Confirmation email within 2 hours, please check your spam folder. If it is not there, please send an email to membershiprep@apanational.com. Thanks.



In late 2012, the national trade association Editorial Photographers (EP) merged in to APA to become one organization for the purposes of administration and stronger advocacy on behalf of photographers.  If you are an existing EP member click the button below for more information on the APA/EP chapter and the link to join APA/EP.  If you are uncertain on which is best for you, you can also read: Which Group do I Join?


To learn even more about why membership with APA is the right choice for you, please read the message from past APA National President, Jeff Sedlik, or the welcome letter .


If you would prefer to Join via the USPS or our Secure fax, please download, print, and return the appropriate Application form from below (click where it says MAIL/FAX FORM). The APA National Secure Fax number is 888-889-7190. If paying by check, please mail it to:

APA National Membership Office:
2055 Bryant Street, San Francisco CA 94110

GENERAL MEMBERS (includes right to vote) DUES PDF
Professional Photographer
Anyone who is actively engaged in the business of advertising photography.
$350 Join
International Member
Professional Photographer who is actively engaged in the business of advertising photography living outside the United States.
$225 Join
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS (non-voting)    
Emerging Photographer
Photographers with less than 3 years experience as a professional photographer. This category automatically upgrades to General Member (see above) upon expiration of eligibility.
$225 Join
Photographer Assistant
Photographer assistants not yet earning income from creating or licensing photographs, or promoting themselves as a photographer.
$125 Join
Full or part-time student studying photography at a high school or college level, with proof of enrollment.
$55 Join
Professionals engaged in fields associated with photography, advertising, or visual arts, but who themselves are not professional photographers, assistants, or student photographers.
$125 Join
Full or part-time educator at an accredited institution, not working as a professional photographer.
$75 Join
Educational Institution
Public or private educational institution with a curriculum of photography courses.
$500 Join
Emeritus Photographer
Professional Photographer who is completely retired from earning a living creating photographs. Entitled to all benefits, including a Standard SearchAPA five-image Portfolio. Changing from PHO to EMR needs to be done upon renewal, not mid-term.
$125 Join























See more complete descriptions of each member level and its benefits here. Page will open in a new window or tab.

TECH TIP: If you cannot print the PDF because it opens in your browser, select File > Save (in your browser menu) to download the file.  Then open the PDF file in Acrobat to print.

Questions regarding APA membership? Please contact:
APA National Membership Representative
Jeff Kausch, at 1-800-272-6264, extension 10
or for fastest service please send me an email at membershiprep@apanational.com

APA offers several payment option plans for most of our membership categories and includes an auto renew option. If you would prefer to pay your dues in installments, and your membership category includes installment options please simply select your preferred payment plan when you get to the Payment page in the renew or join process. (You may be asked to set up a PayPal account for installments). The Four Pay Plan is four consecutive monthly installments, not quarterly and is not available as auto renew.  Auto Renew NOT available for APA Student Membership.

CATEGORY    DUES       INSTALLMENT PAYMENT PLANS                                                                  


PHO:   Annual:$350    or   EZ Pay Monthly: $36 x 12 = $432
EMG:   Annual: $225   or   EZ Pay Monthly: $24 x 12 = $288
AST:    Annual: $125   or   EZ Pay Monthly: $14 x 12 = $168
AFF:    Annual: $125   or   EZ Pay Monthly: $14 x 12 = $168
EDU:   Annual: $75   ------ ------
EDI:    Annual: $500 ------ ------
INT:    Annual: $225 ------ ------

EMR:   Annual: $125 ------ ------


PHO:   Annual:$350    or Four Pay: $97 x 4 = $388  or   EZ Pay Monthly: $36 x 12 = $432
EMG:   Annual: $225   or Four Pay: $63 x 4 = $252  or   EZ Pay Monthly: $24 x 12 = $288
AST:    Annual: $125   or Four Pay: $35 x 4 = $140  or   EZ Pay Monthly: $14 x 12 = $168
AFF:    Annual: $125   or Four Pay: $35 x 4 = $140  or   EZ Pay Monthly: $14 x 12 = $168
EDU:   Annual: $75   ------ ------
STU:   Annual: $55   ------ ------
EDI:    Annual: $500 ------ ------
INT:    Annual: $225 ------ -----

EMR:   Annual: $125 ------ ------

Click here to see a Geographic Map of Chapters


If you have any billing questions or any issues with your membership, please email Jeff Kausch, our Membership Representative, who will be happy to promptly resolve them. Please do not issue a PayPal chargeback, because that will only unnecessarily complicate matters. Thanks.


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